Flap Surgery

flap sugery

Flap Surgery is a cure for periodontics is cause as there are bacterias in our mouth. These bacterias constantly form sticky, colorless plague on our teeth. With the help of brushing and flogging this plague is removed, but the plague is not removed form a hard calculus which is only removed by professional dentist.The plague and calculus together are more harmful and causes Gingivitis. Gingivitis can be cured by proper brushing and flossing and regular dental cleaning, but if gingivitis is not treated, it can advances to periodontics which causes jaw bone loss.

A Flap Surgery debridement and osseous surgery, as well as guided tissue regeneration and bone grafting. The goal of periodontal surgery is access for definitive calculus removal and surgical management of bony irregularities which have resulted from the disease process to reduce pockets as much as possible. Long-term studies have shown, in moderate to advanced periodontitis, surgically treated cases often have less further breakdown over time and, when coupled with a regular post-treatment maintenance regimen, are successful in nearly halting tooth loss in nearly 85% of patients.