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Dr. Rohit Agrawal

Dr. Vaishali Agrawal

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About Us

Agrawal Dental Clinic Implants and Laser Centre is one of the best dental clinics in Dehradun equipped with ultra modern technologies. This clinic is serving people for last five years in the city and got much appreciation from the society. The clinic is being maintain and taken care by Dr. Rohit Agrawal, Dr. Vaishali Agrawal and the team.

Who We Are

We are the modern dentists who equally believe in traditional and modern values, we have a very well trained team of professionals in your services with two ultra modern dental clinics in Dehradun.

Why We Do This

We have all dentistry related solution under one roof, with highly recommended tools and techniques, such as laser dentistry, modern dentistry and complete dentistry services. We offer treatment on reasonable price compare to market rates.

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